Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation or inhalation sedation is commonly used in dentistry and is a very safe and effective way to manage mild to moderate anxiety during dental procedures. The sedation takes effect within a couple minutes of administering through a nose mask, and there are very few possible side effects. The patient will feel relaxed and sometimes euphoric while being treated, but all body functions remain unhindered and the patients breathe on their own. Oxygen is mixed with the nitrous oxide gas during treatment, and then the patient breathes pure oxygen for a few minutes after the procedure is completed to "flush" their system of the medication. Patients will feel back to normal before leaving the office and are able to drive immediately. This method of sedation works very well for both children and adults, and is recommended by Dr Lowry for anxious patients and during difficult or very lengthy procedures. Our staff have been trained and certified to monitor nitrous oxide sedation.

Premedication, Oral Sedation

In some cases, a prescription for a mild sedative oral medication may be recommended as a premedication prior to yours or your child's office visit. The exact prescription and amount will vary according to age, weight, anxiety level, etc; and it may be chosen in consultation with your primary physician or pediatrician.

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