Dr Lowry is a certified provider with Invisalign Orthodontic System . By using a combination of tooth colored "engagers" on selected teeth and a sequence of clear, customized trays which fit snugly onto the teeth with very specific pressure points, we are able to perform almost any tooth movement necessary for correcting misaligned teeth from simple cases to complex.

Adult Patients

Whether you have always wanted that "fuller" smile or you would like to improve those crowded (or spaced) teeth, Invisalign is an excellent system which can accomplish these goals. With the proprietary technology of Invisalign, we can predictably move the roots of teeth to a more desirable position to improve your occlusion (bite) and create a more esthetic, stable smile. After taking detailed impressions or scans, Dr Lowry works with Invisalign technicians to design the ideal dental position for your unique situation. You may have heard horror stories about "cutting away tooth structure between teeth" or even removing teeth to generate adequate spacing, but Dr Lowry has developed a treatment technique which rarely if ever requires this type of adjunctive work to complete an ideal case. Come in for a consultation to discuss your unique needs!

Teen Patients

Invisalign has developed an entire system, Invisalign Teen, to help in accounting for growth and development for teen patients. Eliminating the "brackets and wires" is not only more comfortable and esthetic, but it also allow for much easier hygiene during orthodontic treatment. We are able to use elastics (rubberbands) if necessary with Inivisalign Teen, all while accounting for eruption of teeth still developing. In some cases, other methods of straightening may need to be considered, including referral to an orthodontist.

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