Custom Night Guards

Dental guards are custom made by a laboratory from an impression of your teeth taken at our office. They are typically made of a special plastic-like material and fit over some or all of upper and/or lower teeth. In our current high stress society, the number of patients showing signs of grinding (bruxing) seems to be dramatically increasing. Many patients are not aware of their habit as they grind during their sleep, and they can fracture or wear their teeth down, or damage crowns or other work they have had done in their mouth. Dr Lowry highly recommends custom night guards for many patients to protect their teeth and dental investments from the harmful effects of grinding. Another indication for a custom guard is in patients with Temporamandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ); the guard can help relax the joints and muscles to reduce the discomfort associated with this condition.

Athletic Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards are plastic dental appliances which help to protect the hard and soft tissues of the mouth from damage caused by traumatic blows and collisions. They are also designed to absorb the shock of impact to the head reducing the incidence of concussions. Custom athletic mouthguards are more effective than generic brands in preventing trauma as they generally fit much better and are more comfortable to wear.

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